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3D Geometry and Suitability of Salt Domes in Çankırı Basin for Natural Gas Storage

(Integrated PhD /PhD)
Support: YÖK 100/2000
The topic offered  by : Nuretdin Kaymakci
e-mail: kaymakci[at]metu.edu.tr
Program  to apply: Geological Engineering


Çankırı Basin hosts various salt domes at various thickness and geometries and are determined by 2D seismic and well data. In the Sağpazar well, which was drilled in 1997, a number of CaCl and KCl layers intercalated with gypsum and red beds are encountered.  This implies that the other salt domes in the basin may have similar lithologies and bear potential for natural gas storage. The main objective of a PhD thesis will be determination of 3D geometries and internal structures of all salt domes in the basin and particularly, detailed analysis and evaluation of Sağpazar dome for its suitability for natural gas storage using available seismic, well, and other geophysical  and geological data.