Structure and Dynamics of Materials Laboratory

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Development of melt-spun Mg based alloys as negatif electrode material for NiMH Batteries
(Integrated PhD/PhD)
Support: YÖK 100/2000
Topic Proposed by: Y. Eren Kalay and Tayfur Öztürk


Mg has potential as negatif electrode material for alkaline batteries but form a passivating hydroxide layer  on its surface. Alloying  is a method wereby Mg could be modifed chemically so that hydroxide formed is stable and do not passivate the alloy. Unfortunately  elements that are solubale in Mg are not many. Therefore  non-eqlibrium processing is needed to entrap beneficial alloying elements in Mg. Melt spinning is a useful method which would yield Mg based amorphous alloys wherein other alloying elements may be trapped also. In this study Mg based alloys will be melt-spun into rippons  to be used as negative electrode material. The study will concentrate into mechanisms of amorphization as well as  on electrochemical characterization of such amorphous electrode in alkaline environment