Nanomaterıals and Devıces Laboratory

Nanocomposite electrodes for supercapacitors
(Integrated PhD/PhD)
Support: YÖK 100/2000
Topic offered by: Hüsnü Emrah Ünalan
e-mail: unalan[at]
Where to apply: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering or Micro-Nanotechnology


Supercapacitors provide higher power density, longer cycle life than batteries and conventional dielectric capacitors. In supercapacitors, most commonly used electrode active materials are carbon based ones, metal oxides and conducting polymers. Recent studies showed that nanocomposites formed using these materials advance the charge transport and decrease the overall resistance, which seriously affect the electrochemical performance of the supercapacitor devices. In this work, high performance supercapacitor electrodes and devices were fabricated and characterized in detail.